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IperionX will open a large-scale factory to recycle titanium 3D printing powder

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IperionX plans to open a recycled powder plant in Virginia. It hopes to open a low-carbon use facility in early 2024 to produce 125 tonnes of titanium annually. It then hopes to expand to a facility with a capacity of 1,125 tons per year by 2025. The company believed it could initially produce the powder for around $72 per kilogram and later sell it for $42 per kilogram.

They also said they hope to become the world’s largest supplier of low-carbon recycled titanium.  The United States wants to make its titanium and other advanced metals. It now relies heavily on minerals from Canada and, more worryingly, Ukraine, China, Australia and India to make titanium. India is very pro-Russian right now, and so is China. China is widely expected to be a future adversary, while Australia is nowhere near that. To solve this problem, titanium is used in many defence kits for its excellent strength, corrosion resistance and lightweight properties. Titanium alloys are also widely used. It is an extremely durable metal with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.  It’s not like the 1940s when you could send a few guys out to build a new aeroplane to find balsa wood. Titanium spec components are difficult to replace. Titanium plays an important role, especially in additive manufacturing. In 3D printing, it is almost impossible to quickly move from acceptable material made on one machine to a new machine or powder.

(3D printing titanium powder )

Another trend is the search for greener materials that use less carbon, require less transportation, less virgin materials, and are generally more resilient. This has broad appeal and is likely to become more important as time passes and people become more environmentally conscious. In the 3D printing space, we have noticed a strong rise in interest in recycling and more sustainable materials. So wrap this cute package in a flag, and IperionX is ready to race.

IperionX also uses hydrogen-assisted thermal metallurgical reduction (HAMR), a process that converts titanium oxide into titanium in an energy-efficient manner. The process, developed under the ARPA-E project, uses hydrogen as an effect to keep the oxygen content in the final powder low, a highly desirable quality in 3D printing and other processes. They also use a granulation sintering deoxidation process to give the powder a spherical shape.

3D printing titanium powder has a wide range of applications

As a high-value-added material, 3D printing titanium powder has received widespread attention in price and application fields. Along with the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous expansion of application fields, the application prospects of 3D printing titanium powder will be broader.

In aerospace, titanium powder can manufacture aircraft and spacecraft structural parts.

(3D printing titanium powder )

Titanium powder can be used to manufacture medical equipment such as artificial joints and dental implants.

(3D printing titanium powder )

In the automotive field, titanium powder can be used to manufacture engine parts, exhaust systems, etc.

(3D printing titanium powder )

In shipbuilding, titanium powder can manufacture structural parts, engine parts, etc.


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