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Wu Yu en et al. Small, China University of science and technology

wallpapers News 2020-07-24
figure 1 (a) schematic diagram of Fe SSN preparation. (b) Determination of glucose by solution colorimetry based on monoatomic iron nanoenzyme. (c) glucose detection using agar hydrogel colorimetric method based on monatomic iron nanomaterials. Because of its low cost high stability easy large-scale preparation

nanoenzyme has gradually become a potential substitute for natural enzyme has attracted great attention in various fields. However compared with natural enzymes most of them are heterogeneous in composition have multiple crystal structures surface configurations usually show low activity poor specificity which seriously hinders the practical application of nanoenzymes. In order to meet these challenges scientists have proposed some strategies to optimize nanoenzymes such as size reduction surface modification structural adjustment composition optimization. For example the decrease of the size of nanoparticles always leads to the increase of surface free energy resulting in serious aggregation rapid loss of activity. The surface modification of nanoenzymes may shield some active sites on the surface resulting in low atom utilization.

to solve this problem Professor Wu Yuen Xiong can of University of science technology of China have prepared self-supporting single atom iron nanoenzyme (fessn) by sacrificing the carrier strategy. Fe SSN has a clear coordination structure high density of active sites. It can generate hydroxyl radicals (· oh) with H2O2 in peroxidase reaction thus showing excellent peroxidase activity. A highly sensitive selective colorimetric detection of glucose in solution was successfully achieved by using fessn glucose oxidase (GOx) biological cascade catalytic system. In order to shorten the detection time simplify the testing process the authors embedded all biosensors (TMB GOx Fe SSN) into agarose hydrogels produced a simple sensitive low-cost colorimetric biosensor. It is proved that the sensor can realize the visual evaluation rapid quantitative detection of glucose. This study effectively improves the activity of nanoenzyme by using monatomic technology which is of great significance to the development of nanoenzyme. At the same time it also brings a new vision to the development of biosensor based on monatomic nanoenzyme provides the feasibility for the real-time detection of blood glucose.

are supported by national key R & D program National Natural Science Foundation of China China Postdoctoral Science Foundation published online in small (DOI: 10.1002 / small. 202002343).

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