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Small: a deformable mesoporous drug delivery platform with high cell uptake

wallpapers News 2020-10-14
The treatment of

tumor is very difficult because of its diverse metabolism complex physiological barrier. Chemotherapy is still one of the most commonly used treatment strategies but conventional cancer chemotherapy often has serious side effects. As a potential cancer treatment nano drug delivery is expected to greatly reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. The size shape surface charge of nano drug delivery platform are often regarded as the key factors affecting the uptake efficiency of tumor cells have been widely concerned. In recent years

have found that viruses in nature can improve their cell invasion efficiency by adjusting their own mechanical properties. Inspired by this scientists have developed a variety of soft nanocapsules found that compression deformation occurs in the interaction between nanocapsules cells thus significantly improving the cell uptake efficiency. Compared with other drug delivery platforms mesoporous silica nanoparticles are widely used as drug delivery platforms for chemotherapy due to their low toxicity high drug loading rate controlled drug release easy functionalization. However the highly cross-linked-si-o-si-framework structure of mesoporous shell makes it difficult to obtain deformability there is still room for improvement in cell uptake efficiency. Therefore the development of deformable multifunctional mesoporous silica composite nanoparticles with continuously adjustable mechanical properties is of great significance for further understing the relationship between the deformability of nano drug loading platform cell uptake efficiency promoting the development of the next generation of mesoporous silica nano platform with high cell uptake rate.

is aimed at the above problems. Professor Qu Jun le Professor Song Jun of the biomedical photonics research center of Shenzhen University controlled the sol-gel process in the formation process of mesoporous silica framework through the compound design of organic / inorganic silane precursors which successfully controlled the size morphology structural parameters mechanical properties of mesoporous silica nanoparticles. We have successfully developed an eccentric core-shell mesoporous silica composite drug loading platform with high cell uptake. The effect of various experimental parameters (organic / inorganic silane ratio sol-gel time reaction speed so on) on the structural parameters mechanical properties of mesoporous silica was analyzed in detail. The formation mechanism of anisotropic outer shell was discussed. It was found that the thickness crosslinking degree of mesoporous silica affect the mechanical properties of mesoporous silica. It plays a vital role. In the experiment the thickness of the outer shell can be finely adjusted by controlling the sol-gel time. The young's modulus range is 1~100MPa within the atomic force microscope mode the outer shell deformation range is within 0~30 nm. The mechanical properties of mesoporous nanoparticles can be precisely controlled within a certain range. The lower the young's modulus is the higher the cell uptake is. The killing effect of loaded with chemotherapy drugs on cancer cells is significantly improved. The results were recently published in small (DOI: 10.1002 / small. 201906028).

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