Here is the introduction of three types of nitride powders

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Nitrogen has high electronegativity and can form a series of nitrides with many elements with lower electronegativity, including ionic nitrides, covalent nitrides and metal nitrides.
Lonic Nitride
The nitrides formed by alkali metals and alkaline earth metal elements belong to ionic nitrides, whose crystals are mainly ionic bonds, and the nitrogen elements exist in the form of N3-, which is also called salt-like nitrides. The chemical properties of ionic nitrides are more active, and they are easily hydrolyzed to form corresponding hydroxides and ammonia. At present, only Li3N is used in ionic nitrides. Li3N is a deep red solid, belonging to the hexagonal crystal system, with a density of 1.27g/cm3 and a melting point of 813°C. It is easy to synthesize and has high ionic conductivity. It can be combined with solid or liquid The coexistence of lithium is one of the best solid lithium electrolytes currently available.

Covalent nitride
The nitrides formed by group IIIA~VIIA elements are covalent nitrides, and their crystals are mainly covalent bonds. Among them, the compounds formed by oxygen, group VIIA elements and nitrogen elements should be accurately called nitrogen oxides and nitrogen halides. The most widely used covalent nitrides are mainly nitrides of group IIIA and IVA elements (such as BN, AlN, GaN, InN, C3N4 and Si3N4, etc.). The structural unit is similar to the tetrahedron of the diamond, so it is also called class Diamond nitride. They have high hardness, high melting point, and good chemical stability. Most of them are insulators or semiconductors. They are widely used in cutting tools, high-temperature ceramics, microelectronic devices, and luminescent materials.
Metal nitride
The nitrides formed by transition metal elements belong to metallic nitrides, and the nitrogen atoms are located in the cubic or hexagonal close-packed metal lattice gaps, which are also called infill nitrides. The chemical formula of this type of nitride does not follow a strict stoichiometric ratio, and its composition can vary within a certain range. Most metal-type nitrides are of NaCl type structure, and the chemical formula is MN type. Generally, it has metal-like properties, such as metallic luster, good conductivity, high hardness, high melting point, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, etc., and has good application prospects in cutting materials, electrode materials and catalytic materials.
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