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U.S. high octane oil demand rebounds

wallpapers News 2020-08-26

recently, the changes in the use of automobiles in the United States the change in consumers' preference for gasoline are prompting chemical traders to exp their investment in increasing the storage capacity of high octane number components, especially reformer oil, alkylated oil, toluene xylene, even consider arbitrage purchase from Asia.

IHS Markit report shows that as of October this year, premium gasoline sales accounted for about 12.3% of total gasoline sales in the United States, up from 11.5% in 2019. This increase resulted in a slight increase in the average octane number in the U.S. gasoline pool due to the high octane number of premium gasoline, resulting in a supply problem for U.S. refineries. The shortage of American refineries makes it more difficult to produce high octane gasoline, which stimulates the dem for high octane components. Industry insiders said that in a short period of time, the problem of us supply shortage will be solved through the decomposition of high octane number groups imported from Asia. It has also been argued that the surge in dem for high octane components in the United States may lead to higher prices for high octane components in Asia / Europe. "Some U.S. traders are in storage tanks for newly increased octane number components." "In addition, some Asian traders are also considering exporting high octane oil to the United States," one trader said Kevin Wolman, deputy director of IHS Markit of

, said that with the launch of the new crown vaccine, traders believe that energy dem will improve next year, so it is more likely to exp the tank storage capacity. In terms of price, the US Gulf Coast has a significant premium over Europe. This prompted European traders to export high octane components to the Gulf Coast. As the U.S. market for high octane components continues to heat up, canned goods are more likely to capture rising prices rather than waiting to be shipped from Europe or Asia. Elinor Dann, chief analyst for European toluene at IHS Markit, said that in Europe, mixed xylene, toluene reformate are structural surpluses, so once arbitrage opportunities arise, they will flow to the United States. "Although gasoline dem in the United States is not strong this year, a large number of mixed xylene toluene, as well as reformate, are regularly exported to the United States because of oversupply in Europe."

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