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Titanium dioxide "gold nine silver ten" market ahead of schedule

wallpapers News 2020-11-22

is affected by factors such as dem recovery, good export cost support. In recent three months, Sichuan longmang group, a leading titanium dioxide enterprise in China, has raised prices one after another, gradually driving the recovery of titanium dioxide market. As of August 12, the reference price of titanium dioxide was 13592 yuan (ton price, the same below), up 0.95% from the beginning of the month. Compared with the price on May 12, the increase was 2.38%. At present, the supply dem pattern is on a new level.

export driven by the price difference between

. In recent years, the consumption proportion of coating on titanium dioxide has been declining, while the consumption proportion of other downstream users such as plastics has been increasing. The consumption structure changes gradually, which makes the correlation between titanium dioxide real estate decrease. At the same time, due to the imbalance of global supply dem the improvement of domestic product quality, titanium dioxide industry will participate more in the global competition, the export fluctuation will have a more profound impact on the domestic supply dem pattern.

since this year, the recovery of real estate in the United States has boosted the growth of foreign dem for titanium dioxide, driven the global trade flow price changes of titanium dioxide. In fact, since July 2013, the domestic titanium dioxide export volume has maintained a positive growth for 11 months. Among them, in January 2014, China exported 44000 tons of titanium dioxide, with a year-on-year increase of 99.24%; in June, the year-on-year growth rate of export volume exceeded 50%.

it is understood that the obvious price difference between domestic foreign countries is also an important factor in promoting the export of titanium dioxide. As overseas enterprises cut production capacity under the pressure of cost, the price of titanium dioxide is generally more than 20000 yuan, while the transaction price of domestic titanium dioxide is about 12800 yuan, the internal external price difference is close to 7000 yuan.

not long ago, Kronos, an overseas titanium dioxide manufacturer, reported that the inventory of the same industry downstream customers was at a very low level. Based on the improvement of the company's main market dem, the product price will rise in 2014. As a result, the "spkds" "spkds" enterprises have been on the edge of "spkds" price increase for more than two years. In 2013, domestic foreign enterprises have tried to raise prices several times, but due to the impact of weak dem, the effect is not good, the pace of price decline has not stopped. However, in the second quarter of this year, the dem side changed quietly. First, overseas dem recovered international giants raised prices. It is closely followed by the domestic dem recovery, leading enterprises raise prices, the downstream acceptance of this price increase is significantly improved.

from August 1, the price of titanium dioxide of Sichuan dragon python, the industry leader, has been raised again. The mainstream titanium dioxide model R-996 was increased by 300 yuan on the basis of the original price. In addition, the export price of Sichuan dragon Python titanium dioxide will be increased by 50 US dollars (308 yuan) from September 1. This is the fifth large-scale price increase in the year. At present, nearly 20 manufacturers in southwest, East, central Northeast China have followed up, with the range of 200-900 yuan. At present, the mainstream quotations of rutile anatase titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid process are 11800-13500 yuan 9800-11000 yuan (including tax). Generally speaking,

generally speaking, the peak season of titanium dioxide industry is in March April, July August are relatively weak, "gold nine silver ten" market is getting better. However, with the adjustment of titanium dioxide industry this year, the downstream inventory is basically exhausted, the product price has reached a relatively low point. In July August, there is a wave of replenishment market, the dem is obviously improved.

still have upward space. Due to the downturn in previous years, some titanium dioxide production capacity expansion plans have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Relevant figures show that in 2013, the titanium dioxide industry as a whole increased about 300000 tons of production capacity, no effective capacity was released in the first half of 2014. However, before 2015, only 60000 tons of chlorination process capacity of Bailian 80000 tons of sulfuric acid production capacity of Xuzhou titanium dioxide were likely to be put into operation smoothly, but the increment was very limited.

in the medium long term, the industry will be more more affected by the policy in the next few years, titanium dioxide enterprises will face the dual test of de capacity environmental protection verification, the contraction of supply will also promote the rise of product prices. It is expected that the pollution prevention control technology access conditions will be introduced within this year, the threshold will be greatly increased, which will help to continue to improve the prosperity of the industry.

double dem boost is expected to drive new growth in the industry, the third quarter may usher in another wave of price increases.

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