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The second batch of backward production capacity list of MIIT involves 100000 tons of rare earth production capacity

wallpapers News 2020-08-27

The Ministry of industry information technology released the second batch of list of backward overcapacity enterprises in 2014, involving 132 enterprises in ten industries such as iron steel.

It is noteworthy that 28 rare earth (oxide) enterprises are involved in the second batch of list, with a total production capacity of 1037100 tons.

Ten industries involved in the second batch are steelmaking, ferroalloy, copper smelting, cement, flat glass, paper making, leather making, printing dyeing, lead-acid batteries rare earth.

Prior to that, on July 18, the Ministry of industry information technology announced the first batch of enterprises with backward excess capacity eliminated in the industrial industry in 2014, including iron making, steel-making, coke, ferroalloy Calcium carbide, electrolytic aluminum, copper (including recycled copper) smelting, lead (including recycled lead) smelting, cement (clinker mill), flat glass, papermaking, leather making, printing dyeing, chemical fiber, lead-acid battery (plate assembly) other 15 major industrial industries are listed.

Among them, there are 44 iron smelting enterprises, 30 steel-making enterprises, 44 coke enterprises, 164 ferroalloy enterprises, 40 calcium carbide enterprises, 7 electrolytic aluminum companies, 43 copper (including recycled copper) smelting enterprises, 12 lead (including recycled lead) smelting enterprises, 381 cement (clinker mill) smelting enterprises, 15 flat glass enterprises, 221 papermaking enterprises, 27 leather making enterprises, 107 printing dyeing enterprises, 4 chemical fiber enterprises 39 lead-acid batteries (plate assembly).

Industry insiders said that after the State Council issued the "guidance on resolving the contradiction of overcapacity", the Ministry of industry information technology has continuously released a list of backward overcapacity enterprises, which is an important measure to resolve overcapacity.

At the same time, it also sends an important signal that the state will not be soft on the governance of overcapacity.

At present, the contradiction between oversupply dem in some industries in China has become increasingly prominent.

The traditional manufacturing industry generally has excess capacity, especially in steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, flat glass other industries with high consumption high emission.

The capacity utilization rate is below 75%, which is significantly lower than the normal level.

Industry insiders said that the blind expansion of production capacity in these industries has not only brought about serious overcapacity serious waste of social resources, but also led to a substantial increase in the consumption of energy resources, the rapid growth of pollutant emissions, the frequent occurrence of haze other environmental problems in many regions.

In fact, in the "notice on Further Strengthening the elimination of backward production capacity" issued by the State Council in 2010, it has been proposed to replace the production capacity by the same amount or reduction.

However, due to the lack of clear requirements operational paths, the stards procedures are not stardized in different places, even there are many replacement problems, so the purpose of controlling the total production capacity curbing blind expansion has not been achieved.

At the end of July, the Ministry of industry information technology issued a notice on capacity replacement in steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement flat glass industries.

The Ministry of industry information technology said that the implementation of equal or reduced capacity replacement as an important measure to resolve overcapacity is because the primary task of resolving overcapacity is to suppress the momentum of blind expansion of capacity prohibit the construction of new capacity projects, the implementation of equal capacity or reduced replacement is an important link.

In terms of working mode method, we should not only use "blocking" method, but also combine "Dredging" "blocking" take various measures at the same time.

For the enterprises listed in the elimination of backward excess capacity, the announcement issued by the Ministry of industry information technology yesterday required the relevant provinces (districts cities) to take effective measures to shut down the production lines of enterprises listed in the announcement list before the end of 2014, dismantle relevant main equipment, ensure that production can not be resumed or transferred to other regions.

At the same time, all localities should, in accordance with the requirements of the notice on printing distributing the implementation plan for the assessment of the elimination of backward excess production capacity, carry out on-site inspection acceptance of enterprises with backward excess production capacity, issue tasks complete the announcement work.

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