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The price of stock gas rises, boots fall to the ground, and the natural gas industry chain is boosted

wallpapers News 2020-11-07

national development Reform Commission yesterday issued the "notice on adjusting the price of natural gas in stock for non residents", which means that the price rise of natural gas is expected to fall. Analysts pointed out that the importance of natural gas in primary energy is constantly increasing. With the support of factors such as the high attention paid by the policy level the rapid growth of consumer dem, the prosperity of the natural gas industry chain has been steadily rising. This price reform is expected to further boost the industry's good expectations may become a catalyst for the stock prices of relevant stocks to strengthen. From the perspective of capital market, the natural gas price reform or significantly improved the stocks of three types of companies, including integrated oil companies upstream exploration development enterprises, natural gas equipment production enterprises, gas distribution enterprises. Since the

stock gas prices have been raised, the gas price rise has become one of the potential investment opportunities focused by A-share investors. Haitong Securities analysts have pointed out that China's natural gas consumption is increasing, while the degree of dependence on foreign countries is rising. With the increase of domestic high price natural gas imports the gradual promotion of natural gas price reform, the price of stock gas will gradually keep up with the incremental gas, there is great room for improvement in the price level of natural gas.

on Tuesday, the expected increase in gas prices was finally realized. The national development Reform Commission yesterday issued the notice on adjusting the price of natural gas in stock for non residents. The notice pointed out that under the premise of maintaining the price of incremental gas stations, the price of natural gas stations in stock for non residents should be appropriately increased. The specific contents include:

. First, the price of non resident stock gas stations should be appropriately increased. The highest gate station price of non resident gas in stock will be increased by 400 yuan per thous cubic meters. According to the principle of linking up with the national level, the price of the highest gas storage stations in Guangdong Guangxi should be appropriately increased. In view of the current downturn in the chemical fertilizer market, the introduction of price adjustment measures for chemical fertilizer gas is postponed, it will be issued at an appropriate time when the market situation changes positively. Gas fertilizer enterprises should take the responsibility of peak load regulation in winter.

second, the price of gas stations for residents will not be adjusted. The prices of gas for residents' living, school teaching students' living, for the elderly welfare institutions (excluding central heating) will not be adjusted this time. After the implementation of the scheme, the price of the new gas consumption city residential gas station shall be implemented according to the price policy of the stock gas station adjusted by the province (District, city). Third, we will further implement the policy of liberalizing the price of imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) sources the ex factory prices of shale gas, coal-bed methane coal-based gas. If it is necessary to enter the pipeline for mixed transportation with domestic onshore gas imported pipeline gas sell together, the supplier demer may separately sign a purchase sale transportation contract according to the gas source. The gas source ex factory price are determined by the market, the pipeline transportation price shall be implemented according to relevant regulations. The fourth is

, which will be implemented from September 1, 2014. Some analysts of

said that the price reform of natural gas is highly related to the continuous increase in the importance of natural gas in China's energy consumption. Huatai Securities has previously issued a research report pointing out that, on the one h, natural gas has obvious advantages, its cleanliness efficiency are far higher than that of raw coal; on the other h, China's dependence on foreign oil is growing too fast, the development of alternative energy such as natural gas has become the general trend. In the future, the status of natural gas resources in primary energy will be significantly improved. However, from the perspective of reality, China's natural gas consumption supply gap continues to exp. Judging from the current situation of China's natural gas consumption supply, on the one h is the rapid growth of natural gas consumption dem, on the other h, the domestic natural gas supply continues to slow down. The disharmonious development between the dem side the supply side has caused the imbalance of supply dem of natural gas in China in recent years. Although the import volume has increased significantly, it is still unable to support the huge gap of natural gas dem. The prosperity of

natural gas industry has been rising steadily, the price rise of

is the result of the high prosperity of the industry. In fact, the booming prosperity of the natural gas industry can be seen from the frequent ling of "large orders" in the industry during the year. According to relevant media reports, from the perspective of national energy security, since this year, China has frequently signed natural gas import contracts agreements:

on March 26, CNOOC signed an agreement with total of France. On the basis of the existing long-term resource purchase sale agreement of 1 million tons per year, CNOOC will increase the supply of long-term LNG resources by 1 million tons per year to China's natural gas market (about 3 billion cubic meters in total), strengthen comprehensive cooperation in the LNG production chain.

on April 29, Sinopec Petronas reached an agreement on the integration cooperation of Pacific Northwest (PNW) LNG project. Sinopec will take a 15% stake in Petronas's PNW LNG project. Sinopec its partner, China Huadian Group, can acquire the upstream assets downstream liquefaction plant interests according to 10% 5% equity ratio, take the corresponding LNG equity of 1.8 million tons / year. At the same time, Sinopec has also signed a 20-year framework agreement with Petronas on LNG non equity capacity of 3 million tons / year.

on May 21, the Chinese Russian governments signed the memorum on the Sino Russian East pipeline natural gas cooperation project. At the same time, CNPC Gazprom signed the "China Russia east pipeline gas supply purchase sales contract". According to the contract, from 2018, Russia began to supply gas to China through the east line of China Russia natural gas pipeline. The gas transmission volume increased year by year, finally reached 38 billion cubic meters per year. The cumulative contract period is 30 years. China Russia are responsible for the construction of gas fields, gas transmission pipelines other supporting facilities in their respective territories.

on June 17, CNOOC BP signed a long-term supply framework agreement. Starting from 2019, BP will supply up to 1.5 million tons (about 2.25 billion cubic meters) of LNG resources per year from its global LNG resource portfolio (UAE, Angola, Australia, Indonesia Trinidad Tobago), with a supply period of 20 years the final commercial agreement It is expected to be finalized within the year. Prior to that, CNOOC acquired a 12.5% interest in Indonesia's Tangguh gas field from BP in 2006, supplied 2.6 million tons of LNG annually from Indonesia to Putian, Fujian Province, for 25 years from 2007. Analysts of

pointed out that it is an important part of the industry to implement large orders frequentlyThe prospect is that China's natural gas dem continues to grow, this growth trend is expected to be further strengthened in the future. Ping An Securities Research Report points out that at present, natural gas accounts for only 4% of China's energy consumption, crude oil accounts for 18% coal accounts for 70%. However, the proportion of the three major energy consumption in the world is relatively balanced. China's environmental status makes it urgent to find alternative coal resources. Environmental factors will promote the growth of China's natural gas dem.

is specific to the capital market. Analysts believe that the rapid expansion of the supply gap has laid the foundation for the rapid development of China's natural gas industry. Integrated oil companies, upstream exploration development enterprises, natural gas equipment production enterprises gas distribution enterprises will benefit significantly from the rapid development of the industry. Yesterday's gas price hike is expected to constitute related stocks A short-term catalyst for stronger prices. "

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