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The increase of cost brings about many problems, which should be faced correctly

wallpapers News 2020-12-02

development Reform Commission will announce the specific price increase plan for non residential natural gas on August 12. The price increase range may be 0.2-0.4 yuan / m3, the price increase will cover 112 billion cubic meters. The price adjustment does not involve the price of gas stations for residents. The national development Reform Commission has adjusted the price of non residential natural gas, which is the second step in the implementation of the natural gas price reform program. In July 2013, the national development Reform Commission proposed a natural gas price adjustment plan, adjusted the price of non residential natural gas stations in the same month.

domestic soda combined process enterprises in Southwest China can be said to be "scared" about this news. As the main resource product in Southwest China, the price adjustment of natural gas undoubtedly affects the nerves of the local soda industry. As one of the most important raw materials of soda ash, synthetic ammonia currently uses natural gas as the main fuel in Southwest China. According to Zhongyu information statistics, the price adjustment of natural gas has affected the nerves of the local soda industry One ton of synthetic ammonia requires 850-900 cubic meters of natural gas, while the production of one ton of soda ash (at the same time, the by-product of ammonium chloride) requires about 330 kg of synthetic ammonia, which consumes 280-290 cubic meters of natural gas. However, according to the policy, the price rise of natural gas does not include the chemical fertilizer products of the joint soda enterprises. That is to say, the cost increase per double ton is about 25-55 yuan / ton. Whether the cost can be effectively transferred to the downstream will be one of the most important problems faced by the local manufacturers in the future However, the domestic glass industry is still facing serious overcapacity the strict control of national policies. At this time, the increase of production costs is undoubtedly "worse", which has hit the market which has just taken a certain turn.

At present, there are five

gas head enterprises in China. Zigong Honghe Sichuan Fuyuan have been shut down due to the downturn of downstream dem the tension of their own capital chain, while the remaining Sichuan Guangyu production capacity is relatively small. The worst possible result of the price rise of natural gas is the reduction of unit load or even shutdown, while Sichuan Hebang has relatively large capacity inventory There are some overstocking, the increase of cost may play a certain role in boosting the digestion of inventory. At present, the natural gas production unit of Xinghua in Shaanxi Province is in shutdown state, so it has little impact on it.

natural gas price rise for soda ash enterprises can be said to be mixed, in the case of increased cost pressure, or will play a certain role in raising market prices, for enterprise inventory digestion will play a certain role in boosting, this is the positive side, even if the market price can not be adjusted, enterprises will reduce the risk of cost increase to a certain extent Production load, for enterprises to digest inventory is still helpful, this is the happy side. The rise of raw material price will bring a heavy blow to the soda ash market which is in a weak position at present. The future market prospect is worrying, which is a sad side. However, no matter how happy or sad, soda ash enterprises should face it correctly actively adjust their industrial structure to cope with various tests emerging in the market.

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