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Synthetic ammonia enterprises have environmental law-abiding guidelines

wallpapers News 2020-10-17

on August 14, the reporter learned from the Ministry of environmental protection that the "environmental compliance guidelines for synthetic ammonia enterprises" was officially issued a few days ago, involving new, revamped, exped existing synthetic ammonia enterprises nationwide. The guidelines cover clean production, environmental law-abiding construction projects, pollution prevention environmental emergency management, environmental management system, internal environmental management measures of enterprises. The reporter learned that the "guidelines" can be called the environmental law-abiding guide for synthetic ammonia enterprises, the environmental protection work of enterprises in various links in the operation process can "follow the diagram". This means that there will be more stard convenient reference for ammonia enterprises to strengthen environmental management in the future.

reporters learned from synthetic ammonia enterprises that the current synthetic ammonia industry is facing more more environmental pressure, environmental law-abiding has become an important issue for the survival development of enterprises. Synthetic ammonia enterprises should comply with the environmental laws, regulations, normative documents, stards policies of universal applicability, also comply with the industrial environmental management requirements specifications. Some environmental protection related regulations are scattered in relevant technical stards, access conditions industrial policies. These laws, regulations policies are very numerous cross each other. Enterprises fully underst master the contents of laws regulations abide by laws regulations without systematic guidance.

Ministry of environmental protection told reporters that the law-abiding basis of the guidelines includes 21 laws, such as the environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China, the water pollution prevention control law of the people's Republic of China, the air pollution prevention law of the people's Republic of China, the Cleaner Production Promotion Law of the people's Republic of China There are three laws regulations, including the regulations on the management of fee collection use, the regulations on the safety management of hazardous chemicals, 13 departmental regulations normative documents, including the administrative measures for environmental protection acceptance of construction projects, the management measures for automatic monitoring control of pollution sources, the measures for environmental information disclosure (Trial Implementation), the catalogue for classified management of environmental impact assessment of construction projects, the synthetic ammonia industry There are at least 17 stards specifications, such as water pollutant discharge stard, integrated air pollutant discharge stard, odor pollutant emission stard. According to the Ministry of environmental protection of

, the guidelines not only sort out the regulations stards, but also point out the ways means to achieve environmental compliance. The guideline is formulated to improve the ability level of ammonia enterprises to comply with environmental laws regulations, so that ammonia enterprises can actively comply with environmental laws, regulations, rules regulations, technical stards normative documents from project establishment to daily management; At the same time, it is necessary to continuously improve environmental behavior, reduce the risk of environmental violations, improve the pollution prevention control level environmental management ability of synthetic ammonia enterprises. Finally, it will promote the comprehensive implementation of clean production in synthetic ammonia enterprises form an economical growth mode with low investment, low consumption, low emission high efficiency.

reporters found that the contents of the guidelines are very rich comprehensive. From the environmental law-abiding in the project construction stage to the environmental management in the production process; from the analysis of the production processes pollution sources of synthetic ammonia, urea, ammonium nitrate CO production of methanol, to the operation requirements of the main pollution treatment facilities; from the internal environmental supervision management system of the enterprise to the main environmental illegal liability, etc. Industry insiders said that for synthetic ammonia enterprises, this is equivalent to a "complete manual" of environmental compliance. The

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focus on the requirements of

on the layout of production enterprises in

. In principle, no new ammonia plant with natural gas anthracite lump coal as raw materials shall be built (except for the projects relocated comprehensively utilized according to the regional planning); Within three years, coal is transferred into the province, in principle, no new synthetic ammonia production capacity (except high sulfur coal as raw material) is allowed; guide the orderly transfer of synthetic ammonia production units in the eastern region, build large-scale coal to synthetic ammonia base in accordance with the coal chemical electric heating integration polygeneration mode in the coal producing areas in the western region.

are about the plant scale technical equipment of

. The production scale of single series should not be less than 1000 t / D (except for comprehensive utilization CO production projects), the gasifier should be set as required. Advanced technology equipment shall be adopted in newly built ammonia plant, domestic technology with independent intellectual property rights shall be encouraged. Continuous gasification process should be adopted in the new ammonia plant with coal as raw material. Encourage the existing enterprises to carry out technical transformation aimed at raw material structure adjustment, product structure adjustment, energy conservation, environmental protection safety. The existing fixed bed intermittent coal gasification process should be fully equipped with blow gas waste heat recovery comprehensive utilization of gasifier slag. The natural gas batch conversion process at atmospheric pressure should be eliminated.

on the prevention control measures of clean production source

(1) the new synthetic ammonia production project with coal as raw material should adopt continuous pressurized gasification process. Encourage the existing fixed bed intermittent coal gasification ammonia production enterprises to carry out continuous pressure gasification technology transformation.

(2) phase out the production process of atmospheric intermittent catalytic conversion.

(3) eliminate the semi water gas ammonia liquid phase desulfurization process, encourage the use of alkali liquor process semi water gas desulfurization technology. Sulfur recovery device should be equipped for semi water gas desulfurization. Low temperature shift process should be adopted in

(4), the pressure conditions of shift section decarbonization section of new project should be equal. The process of normal pressure shift medium temperature shift of carbon monoxide should be eliminated.

(5) enterprises should choose the decarbonization technology deep purification technology according to the characteristics of production process the actual conditions of the enterprise. Enterprises adopting pressurized coal gasification technology should adopt low temperature methanol wash desulfurization decarbonization technology liquid nitrogen washing gas deep purification technology. Enterprises adopting atmospheric pressure coal gasification technology are encouraged to adopt pressure swing adsorption (PSA) decarbonization technology; enterprises with low temperature aftercooling conditions can adopt polyethylene glycol dimethyl ether (NHD) decarburization technology; enterprises with low-pressure steam or other process waste heat sources can adopt MDEA method; under suitable pressure conditions, propylene carbonate method (PC method) decarbonization technology can be adopted; Encourage the use of alcohol alkylation, alcohol alkylation feed gas deep purification clean production process, gradually eliminate copper washing ammonia synthesis feed gas deep purification process.

natural gas ammonia enterprises should adopt MDEA method for removal of ammoniaCarbon technology methanation feed gas deep purification technology.

(6) encourage the use of stripping process for urea production, encourage the use of energy-saving water solution full cycle process technology to transform the existing water solution full cycle urea plant.

(7) encourage the use of pressurized neutralization process eliminate atmospheric neutralization process (except for comprehensive utilization of tail gas).

(8) encourage the use of ultra-low discharge technology of circulating cooling water to reduce wastewater discharge. Wang Yinan, deputy manager of production management department of xinlianxin chemical fertilizer Co., Ltd.: at present, enterprises are faced with many environmental problems, the environmental protection regulations stards to be implemented are also relatively scattered. It is not easy to integrate these environmental protection stards involving synthetic ammonia enterprises. In 2012, the guidelines were issued. In this process, relevant departments have done a lot of work, enterprises have also put forward a lot of valuable opinions. The promulgation of the guidelines can better promote enterprises to complete various environmental protection indicators improve the level of environmental management. Song Zhiyuan, director of safety environmental protection department of

Anhua group company: in recent years, the environmental protection requirements of synthetic ammonia industry have been continuously improved, especially the introduction of industry access conditions the new version of "discharge stard of water pollutants for synthetic ammonia industry" other regulations, further raising the environmental protection threshold. Anhua group has been producing urea for more than 40 years, the production capacity of synthetic ammonia has reached 310000 tons. Since the establishment of the plant, Anhua group has always attached importance to environmental protection. We must underst abide by the law. Under the pressure of environmental protection, we must be an enterprise that understs, understs, abides by the law.

Chen Chengmin, director of safety environmental protection department of Shong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.: the guidelines regulate the layout of production enterprises, equipment scale, technical equipment level, resource energy consumption comprehensive utilization, make specific refinement quantification, which is conducive to improving the ability level of ammonia synthesis enterprises to comply with environmental laws regulations, to promoting enterprises synthesis Sustainable development of ammonia industry. At present, most of the indicators of our company have been implemented in accordance with the requirements of the guidelines. Niu Yujie, director of environmental protection center of Luxi group Park:

, director of environmental protection center of Luxi group: some old enterprises, including some enterprises affiliated to our group company, have built their plants earlier their layout is restricted by space. Some processes are obviously lagging behind the current new synthetic ammonia process, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of the guidelines. This requires enterprises to further adopt new environmental protection technologies new processes to remove obstacles to normal production. At the same time, the guidelines clearly require the disclosure of environmental protection information of enterprises accept the supervision of people from all walks of life, which has become the necessity to promote promote enterprises to strengthen environmental protection management. "

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