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Perspective of "cold" and "hot" in coal chemical industry

wallpapers News 2020-12-07

A few days ago, the world's largest coal water slurry gasification unit, a single furnace with a daily processing capacity of 3000 tons of coal, was put into operation in Ordos energy chemical company of Yanzhou coal industry.

The oxygen consumption coal consumption of the unit are 3% ~ 5% lower than those of the same type gasification technology, the carbon conversion rate is more than 98%, the effective gas composition conversion rate is 82% ~ 85%.

(Photo by our reporter Zhang Xinggang) recently, coal chemical industry has once again become the focus of the industry.

First, state power other state-owned enterprise giants have successively withdrawn from the field of coal chemical industry.

It seems that the coal chemical projects on a large scale seem to change from "fragrant cake" to "hot potato" in a flash.

Then, on July 22, the National Energy Administration issued the notice on stardizing the scientific orderly development of coal to liquid coal to natural gas industries, which proposed that "the development of coal to liquid coal to natural gas should not be stopped, the development should not be overheated, the construction against the law disorder should be prohibited".

at the same time, the research development of various new coal chemical technologies, processes coal gasifiers are still hot How should we look at the heat change of coal chemical industry in recent years.

The growth rate will depend on the national policy.

In the reporter's research interview, both the design institute the patent dealer of gasification technology have unanimously reflected that there is much less work this year than before.

Talking about the reasons for "less work", Li Lixin, deputy general manager of Donghua Engineering Science Technology Co., Ltd., introduced to the reporter of China chemical industry news that: first, the projects that have been awarded "roadblocks" started slowly, the policy control supervision were more more strict.

Second, the market of traditional chemical fertilizer fine chemical project is shrinking, the overcapacity of urea is too serious, the nitrogen fertilizer projects not in coal producing areas are not competitive, the chemical fertilizer enterprises are not optimistic about the prospect of raw material route transformation, the enthusiasm of transformation is not high.

Li Lixin believes that chemical fertilizer fine chemical projects will not change much in the short term, the progress of large-scale projects depends on the control rhythm of national policies.

Last year, the national development Reform Commission accelerated the examination approval of coal to natural gas, with a total of about 15 projects winning the "roadmap" of the national development Reform Commission.

On July 22 this year, the notice on stardizing the scientific orderly development of the coal to liquid coal to natural gas industry issued by the State Energy Administration pointed out that the development of coal to liquid coal to natural gas should not be stopped, the development should not be overheated, the construction against the law disorder should be prohibited.

The progress of the projects to obtain the "roadmap" depends on the implementation of the policies by all localities.

Xu Caifu, deputy chief engineer of China Wuhuan Engineering Co., Ltd., also told the reporters of China chemical industry news that the main reason for "much less work" is that some large-scale projects such as coal to natural gas coal to oil are subject to national policies have not yet been started.

Zheng We, head of gasification project of Longyuan lvmei Chemical Co., Ltd. in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, analyzed to the reporter that the investment fever of coal chemical industry started in 2008, a large number of coal chemical projects were put into operation less construction this year, while investors in the later stage are hovering waiting.

Some state-owned enterprises, such as Guodian, have transferred coal chemical projects frequently recently after encountering difficulties in technology, talent management.

In this regard, Huang Bin, chief engineer of olefin company of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd., told China chemical industry news: "this will not have any impact on the development of China's coal chemical industry.

These projects selected by central enterprises have been successful or failed in China.

The transfer of coal chemical projects by these central enterprises is mainly due to operational problems, the technology selection project implementation are not well organized.

" Huang Bin believes that the development of coal chemical industry still has vitality due to the firm oil price the decline of coal price.

Xu Caifu also believes that China's energy structure is "rich in coal, poor in oil less in gas".

Moreover, at present, coal prices are low coal chemical products are competitive in the market.

As long as the environmental capacity can be met, coal chemical industry will be greatly developed.

Many people in the industry believe that with the decline of coal price, the aggravation of gas shortage the high oil price, coal chemical products still have absolute advantages over petroleum products.

At present, China's energy consumption is rising every year, but oil natural gas are still dependent on the international market, so the development prospect of coal chemical industry is still considerable.

The application of gasifier tends to be concentrated Gasifier is the leader of coal chemical industry projects.

Before the upsurge of coal chemical industry in 2008, the main types of new coal gasifiers used in China were Texaco, Lurgi multi nozzle.

At present, there are 20 kinds of industrial coal gasifiers in operation or under construction in China, there are even two kinds of pilot technologies without industrialization, the types of coal gasification technologies have doubled Six times.

Zheng We told the reporter of China chemical industry news that coal water slurry, Lurgi other gasification technologies were applied relatively early, these technologies were constantly improved in the original technology, from low pressure low temperature to high pressure high temperature, the maturity stability were constantly improved.

These gasification technologies were applied more frequently.

At the end of 2004, the first opposed multi nozzle coal water slurry gasifier (6.

5MPa) was put into operation.

As of the first half of 2014, the multi nozzle coal water slurry gasifier has been applied in 35 enterprises, with a total of 100.

The largest number scale of coal gasification furnaces are coal to olefin, coal to oil coal to natural gas projects.

For example, for a 4-million-ton-a-year coal to oil project, 28 pulverized coal gasifiers with a capacity of 2000 tons per day are required.

for a 4 billion cubic meters / year coal to natural gas project, for example, a crushed coal pressurized fixed bed gasifier with a single boiler of 1000 tons / day is required.

The dem for gasifier types of these projects also shows a trend of centralization.

It is understood that the 4 million T / a coal to oil project under construction by Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group Co., Ltd. shares 28 pulverized coal gasifiers with a capacity of 2000 tons / day, of which 24 are GSP pulverized coal gasifiers.

GSP pulverized coal gasifier is promoted applied by a joint venture company jointly invested by Shenhua Ning coal Siemens fuel gasification technology holding company.

Shenhua Ningxia coal will continue to use GSP pulverized coal gasifier in phase II coal to oil coal to olefin projects.

In addition, Shenhua Ningmei has also developed "Ningmei furnace" applied 4 sets in the 4 million T / a coal to oil project.

The reporter also learned that Sinopec's "Se Dongfang furnace" with independent intellectual property rights full free operation rights has been successfully applied in Yangzi Petrochemical's hydrogen production unit at the beginning of this year.

Sinopec will inevitably use its own "Se Dongfang furnace" to develop coal chemical projects in the future.

In April this year, YitaiThe 4000 T / D large-scale dry powder coal gasifier jointly developed by China National Science Technology Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation China Shipbuilding Industry 711 Institute is applied in the demonstration project of 2 million tons / year coal to liquid project on Yitai road.

China Science synthetic oil Yitai group respectively enjoy 35% 25% of the proprietary technology to promote the application of intellectual property rights.

In the future, the coal to oil projects developed by Yitai group will also increase the use of this type of furnace.

Xu Caifu believes that the development direction of coal gasification technology will be high carbon conversion rate, less water consumption, long continuous stable full load operation cycle, less investment.

After the development in recent years, with the continuous improvement of technology, there will be several technologies with outsting comprehensive advantages, the application will focus on the technologies with outsting comprehensive advantages.

Huang Bin told the China chemical industry news that at present, most of the new coal gasification technologies in China are imitations, there is no further innovation or fundamental change.

After years of application improvement of coal gasification technology, the understing of coal adaptability gasification process is becoming more more unified, the application is also increasingly tending to several technical types.

There are many types of coal gasification technology, many units are engaged in technology research development, the construction of pilot industrial plants.

Is it necessary to do it again? In this regard, Li Dashang, director of the national coal chemical engineering design technology center master of Chinese engineering design, told China chemical industry news that the technology always needs to be improved, the coal gasification technology still has progress One step optimization space.

For example, if catalyst or other elements are added in the coal gasification process, methanation can be carried out directly in the gasification process, thus the subsequent methanation process can be omitted, the investment cost of coal to natural gas can be greatly reduced.

in addition, the purification process also needs new technology.

Li Dashang pointed out: "if the coal gasification technology simply changes a pattern, it is similar to the technology currently used, there is no innovation improvement.

In the case of centralized application of technology, it will be meaningless.

" Engineering design innovation needs to be strengthened.

Last year, Datang Keqi coal to natural gas project Xinjiang Guanghui coal chemical project caused corrosion of gasifier inner wall due to coal quality problems, which affected the long-term operation of coal gasifiers, even forced to stop production for maintenance.

After that, although the problem was solved, it not only aroused the attention of the industry on the influence of coal quality, but also exposed the disadvantages of engineering design.

According to Zheng We, the crushed coal pressurized gasifier used in Datang Keqi coal to natural gas Xinjiang Guanghui coal chemical project has been introduced into China for decades.

There has been no corrosion before, leading to shutdown, the corrosion phenomenon has only appeared in recent years.

This is because the coal used in the past is a deep underground coal mine, the corresponding gasifier material is Q245R.

In recent years, it has been a large number of open-pit coal mines.

This kind of coal is relatively young, close to lignite lean coal.

The calorific value of coal is low, the fixed carbon content is as low as 45%, the alkali metal content is over the stard, the total sulfur element is more than 1%.

This coal quality has not matched with Q245R, so it leads to Corrosion of gasifier.

At present, only nickel based alloy ns336 is compatible with lignite coal, the corrosion rate of gasifier is slower.

Zheng We believes that a coal chemical project should determine gasification technology through coal quality target products, gasification equipment should be redesigned to match coal quality.

Sun Zhengtai, former vice president of China Tianchen Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., told the reporter of China chemical industry news that the coal quality directly affects the long-term, full load stable operation of the gasification system.

At present, there is still a gap between the optimization design of some projects the requirements of long-term safe, stable, full load high-quality operation.

The metal elements of coal, chloride ion content, acid alkaline gasifiers have a negative impact on the gas The research on the influence of chemical operation lags behind.

Some devices can operate continuously, but the indexes of the devices are not optimized, the cooling purification of the latter parts do not meet the requirements, the dust cannot be removed, which brings trouble to the continuous operation.

Zhang Zhidong, director of Technology Department of Yankuang Inner Mongolia Rongxin Chemical Co., Ltd., also told China chemical news that at present, there is a problem that the coal chemical project is only designed according to the specification, not considering the actual operation.

In some design institutes, designers have never even been to the site copy them completely in accordance with the specifications, especially for EPC general contracting units.

There are also such problems in the purification unit.

After problems occur in the actual production, they often have a headache a sore foot.

Many experts in the industry said that in the past two years, there were many projects in the coal chemical industry, the design institute lacked innovation in project design technology, even did not know about the new technology.

Some projects found that the coal quality did not match after the start-up of some projects, the energy consumption between processes was unbalanced after the completion of some projects.

Sun Zhengtai pointed out that although China's coal gasification technology is advanced the technical level has reached the international leading level, the whole engineering is still in the primary stage.

The coal gasification project needs to be further optimized, the production management needs to be refined.

At the source, it needs the patent dealer design Institute to improve first.

For example, pay attention to the adaptability of coal, then adjust the software hardware according to the actual situation, put forward the design operating conditions.

Design according to the worst kind of coal, such good coal can adapt.

For coal with high sulfur content, the capacity of desulfurization device should be larger.

for coal with high ash content, gasification capacity of gasifier should be designed larger.

According to the reporter's understing, at present, although some gasifiers have achieved long-term, full load stable operation, their operation indexes are not optimal, some can not reach the indexes in the technical scheme provided.

Therefore, many people in the industry have questioned the real operation of some gasifiers: is the carbon conversion rate really so high? Is the specific oxygen consumption specific coal consumption really so low Many industry insiders confirmed to reporters that the carbon content in some fine ash discharged from the pulverized coal gasifier is as high as 45%, the actual carbon conversion rate is only 94%, which is far lower than the carbon conversion rate of 99% of its design value.

However, the gasifier has realized long-term, full load stable operation, the optimization of these indicators by coal chemical enterprises has been ignored.

Zhang Xianyu, deputy chief engineer of 711 Institute of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., thinks that at present, there are still some defects in the flow field burner design of some pulverized coal gasifiers.

Sun Zhengtai told reporters that there are not only production operation problems, but also design optimization problems.

From the source, first of all, patent dealers design institutes need to continuously improve optimize the problems.

Guangsuo, director of the Clean Coal Technology Research Institute of East China University of science technology, said that at present, some domestic coal gasification technologies lack basic research have been developedIn the process of industrialization pilot, it needs to be supported by technology.

There is no basic research, the improvement is difficult the cycle is relatively long.

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