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Graphene conference will be held soon

wallpapers News 2020-07-11

the graphene concept stock which has been soaring all the way in the near future will usher in a big test. From September 1 to 3, "2014 China International graphene Innovation Conference" will be held in Ningbo. It may be possible to know a little about the participation of these concept stocks in graphene field.

it is estimated that more than 1000 people will attend the meeting, including more than 300 graphene scientists entrepreneurs from the United States, Britain, France, Germany other countries. More than 20 seminars will be held around the application fields of graphene.

graphene thin films will be the bright spot.

graphene are ideal materials for making flexible electronic devices. They are generally divided into two forms: powder film. The application of thin film technology has been gradually approaching. It is understood that Samsung, apple other companies have made efforts in the field of graphene film display technology. In addition, bluestone company in the United States, two-dimensional carbon, Chongqing graphene other companies have made use of graphene film technology to prepare large-size graphene flexible display, which is expected to be used in electronic products such as foldable notebook computers or mobile phones in the future. Therefore, the market prospect technical bottleneck of graphene film in flexible electronic field will be the key topic of the conference. In addition, graphene transparent conductive film instead of ITO film will also become the focus of this conference.

it is understood that the transparent conductive film will not only impact on the existing touch screen market industry, but also have a greater impact on the solar cell industry. In March 2014, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan launched a transparent conductive film EITO for graphene solar cells. The biggest characteristic is that it can achieve high transparency to all infrared rays including middle far infrared rays. After adding certain additives, the energy conversion rate of solar cells with EITO conductive film is more than 8.6%.

industrial policy is expected to launch

Li Yichun, Secretary General of China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance, said that "although the capital market is suspected of hyping the concept of graphene, it is not groundless, because entrepreneurs scientists involved in graphene field are indeed promoting the industrialization process step by step."

it is understood that with the breakthrough of graphene technology application, the Ministry of industry information technology will consider the overall research of graphene materials in the next step; the Ministry of science technology is also organizing research on the graphene industry studying relevant policies. Industry insiders of

said that at present, relevant departments have gradually started the preparation of the 13th five year plan, the selection of graphene has become a probable event. However, industry insiders believe that at present, domestic graphene research is in the leading position in scientific research institutions, the leading industrial application is basically small medium-sized unlisted enterprises, so it is unlikely that graphene concept listed companies will be directly supported by policies.

it is understood that during the 2014 China International graphene Innovation Conference, all representatives of the conference will issue the Ningbo Declaration on global graphene innovation, jointly initiate the establishment of a global graphene innovation alliance. Through the establishment of a public welfare, non-governmental global graphene innovation service platform, the strategic development blueprint of the global graphene industry will be formulated, international joint innovation erection will be enhanced The bridge between technology capital plays an important role in promoting the construction of international industrial environment. It is reported that the headquarters of the alliance will be set up in China.

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