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Domestic coke market continued to look stable in the short term, but there was no obvious polarization

wallpapers News 2020-06-25

domestic main business unit Jiaoshi continued to maintain a steady volume. In Sinopec, the price of medium sulfur coke continued to rise slightly in the downstream aluminum market, the shipping circulation situation in various markets was fair, while the market of high sulfur coke was still not good in the short term under the normal control of the national environment. In the PetroChina low sulfur coke market area, only a few refineries with low price are in good condition, most of the other refineries are in a relatively general situation. The quotation of

in Shong local refining market is generally stable today. The coking unit of Changyi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is on fire the products will be produced tomorrow. At present, the maintenance of coking units in Lijin, Shenchi, Zhenghe other refineries has resulted in a slight decrease in the coker operating rate of the local refining Market in the near future, which has formed a small positive support for the market, the market mainly focuses on stable shipment in the short term. In the later stage of

, the terminal even downstream dem is still not ideal in a short period of time. The shipment situation of various varieties in the calcined coke market continues to be weak stable, the market digestion capacity continues to be weak. Therefore, it is expected that the main market will be stable in the near future. With the resumption of production of various maintenance devices in the later period of the georefining market, the possibility of a small decline in the later stage can not be ruled out.

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