Nanometer diamond is the representative of new nanometer material

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What is nano diamond?

 Nano diamond is the existence form of diamond grains with particle size ranging from 1 to 100nm, which combines the characteristics of diamond and nano-materials, such as high hardness, high corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient, low surface roughness, large specific surface area, biocompatibility and high surface activity.
Classification of nano-diamond
According to the form of existence, nanocrystalline diamond can be divided into monodispersed nanocrystalline diamond particles and nanocrystalline diamond polycrystals. In terms of spatial scale classification, nanocrystalline diamond can be divided into nanocrystalline diamond film, one-dimensional nanorods and two-dimensional nanorods, three-dimensional nanocrystalline diamond polycrystalline particles and Zero Vinami-diamond single crystal particle.
Application of nano diamond
Due to the dual properties of nano diamond and superhard materials, it can be used to make reinforced rubber and resin. The application of nano-diamond has obvious effects in improving the thermal conductivity of materials, polymer degradation temperature, strength and wear resistance. The application of nano diamond in lubricating oil, grease and cooling fluid is mainly used in machinery industry, metal processing, engine manufacturing, shipbuilding, aviation and transportation. The addition of nano diamond in lubricating oil can improve the working life of engines and transmission devices and save fuel oil. Nano-diamond is used in medical treatment of tumors, gastrointestinal diseases and skin diseases. It can also be used as super-active adsorbent and bioactive substance locator, which can greatly enhance the efficacy of drugs. In addition, nano diamond can also be combined with metal materials, using nano-diamond particles to strengthen steel matrix composite materials, to a certain extent can solve the problem of high performance special steel.
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