Introduction to the essential characteristics and application fields of aluminium nitride

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Aluminium nitride is a kind of ceramic insulator, which makes aluminium nitride have higher heat transferability so that aluminium nitride is widely used in microelectronics. Different from beryllium oxide is aluminium nitride. Aluminium nitride is treated with metal and can replace alumina and beryllium oxide for a large number of electronic instruments. Aluminium nitride can be prepared by the reduction of alumina and carbon or by directly nitriding aluminium metal. In the air, when the temperature is higher than 700 ℃, the surface of the substance will oxidize.
At room temperature, an oxide film with a thickness of 5-10 nm can still be detected on the surface of the substance. Until 1370 ℃, the oxide film can even protect the content. However, when the temperature is higher than 1370 ℃, a large amount of oxidation will occur. Up to 980 ℃, aluminium nitride is still quite stable in hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Mineral acids slowly dissolve the granular material by attacking the boundary, while strong alkalis dissolve it by attacking the granular aluminium nitride. The substance will slowly hydrolyze in water. Aluminium nitride can resist the attack of most molten salts, including chloride and cryolite [that is, sodium hexafluoroaluminate].

Nano aluminium nitride (AlN) is prepared by aerosol ablation, with high purity, small particle size, large specific surface area, and upper surface activity. The powder modified by surface modification will not undergo hydrolysis reaction, and the oxygen content is shallow (<0.01%), the effect of insulation and thermal conductivity is pronounced. Used in polymer resins, the viscosity increase is not apparent, it is currently an excellent high thermal conductivity insulating filler. Nano aluminium nitride is a diamond-like nitride, which can be stabilized to 2200 ℃, high strength at room temperature and the strength decreases slowly with increasing temperature; nano aluminium nitride powder has excellent thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity Theoretical value is 340w / MK, which is similar to copper, while being highly insulated, with a resistivity of 1015, and can withstand high temperatures of 1400 degrees. It can significantly improve the thermal conductivity of plastic and silicone rubber. Strong erosion ability, ideal crucible material for melting cast iron, aluminium or aluminium alloy; nano aluminium nitride has excellent electrical insulation and good dielectric properties; nano aluminium nitride has excellent injection moulding performance; used in composite materials, Good compatibility with semiconductor silicon, excellent interface compatibility, can improve the mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of composite materials.

Manufacture of integrated circuit substrates, electronic devices, optical devices, heat sinks, high-temperature crucibles to prepare metal-based and polymer-based composite materials, especially in high-temperature sealing adhesives and electronic packaging materials to improve the heat dissipation performance and strength characteristics of the materials, have good Application prospects can replace the currently imported micron aluminium nitride;
Thermally conductive silica gel and thermally conductive epoxy resin: using our aluminium nano-nitride to produce high thermal conductivity silica gel, it has excellent thermal conductivity, good super-electric insulation, extensive electrical insulation and uses temperature (working temperature 80-250 ℃), lower consistency and excellent construction performance. The product has reached or surpassed imported products because it can replace similar imported products and is widely used as a heat transfer medium for electronic devices to improve work efficiency. Such as the gap between the CPU and the heat sink, high-power transistors, thyristors, diodes, and heat transfer media at the slits in contact with the substrate. Nano thermal paste fills the gap between the IC or transistor and the heat sink, increases the contact area between them, and achieves a better heat dissipation effect;

Nano-lubricating oil and anti-wear agent: The modified nano-aluminium nitride ceramic particles added to the nano-ceramic engine oil act on the metal surface of the friction pair inside the engine with the lubricating oil are activated under the action of high temperature and extreme pressure and penetrate firmly It is embedded in the dents and micropores on the metal surface to repair the damaged surface and form a nano-ceramic protective film. Because of the isolation effect of this layer of film, the friction caused by the relative motion between the parts only acts on this layer of the protective film. The nano-ceramic particles, like small balls, transform part of the friction between the friction pair from traditional sliding friction to rolling resistance. Significantly reduce the friction force, reduce the friction between moving parts to almost zero, play anti-wear protection for the engine, by improving lubrication, the friction coefficient can be reduced by more than 80%, the anti-wear ability is increased by more than 350%, and wear is reduced More than 80%, can extend the life of mechanical parts by more than three times, minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, extend the overhaul period by more than double, save energy by 10% -30%, increase the equipment output power by 20% -40%, its addition is only 10,000 Two to one-thousandths;
Application in high thermal conductivity plastics: The modified nano aluminium nitride powder can significantly improve the thermal conductivity of plastics. By adding 10-30% of the experimental products to the plastic, the thermal conductivity of the plastic can be increased from the original 0.3 to 3, and the thermal conductivity is increased by more than ten times. Currently mainly used in PVC plastics, polyurethane plastics, PA plastics, functional plastics, etc.
Other application areas: Nano aluminium nitride can be used in crucibles smelting non-ferrous metals and semiconductor materials gallium arsenide, evaporation boats, thermocouple protection tubes, high-temperature insulation parts, microwave dielectric materials, high temperature and corrosion-resistant structural ceramics and Transparent aluminium nitride microwave ceramic products.

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