Foaming Liquid Use Method

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Foaming liquid is an indispensable foaming material for foamed cement, and it is a widely used raw material on the market. We have talked about several types of foaming liquids before, and the performance of different foaming fluids is different. The bubble launched is also different. When we purchase, we can choose the suitable foaming liquid to foam according to our own needs.

So do you know how to use foaming liquid? Unscientific or rough use, no matter how right the foaming solution is. Let Energy Saving Jun talk to you about the use of foaming liquid in detail today.

1: The cement foaming agent stock solution must be combined with water through a cement foaming machine or mechanical agitation to produce a relatively creamy foam. Therefore, the correct method of using the cement foaming agent should first dilute the cement foaming agent according to the appropriate dilution factor—bubble making.

The reasons are as follows: the general concentration of cement foaming agent is substantial, directly added to the foaming machine, the foam production is low, and the foaming agent is wasted; the direct addition of the foaming device generally has a high concentration and can not produce high-quality foam; The inlet pump of the foaming machine. Therefore, it must be pre-diluted according to a reasonable dilution ratio.

2: The dilution ratio of the cement foaming agent has the most significant relationship with the foaming effect. The dilution factor is too high or too low, so you must have a suitable dilution factor. When the dilution ratio with water is too small, the concentration of the blowing agent diluent is too high, and the overall foam production decreases. The amount of the foaming agent is increased. When the dilution factor is too high, less foaming is formed, the foaming agent diluent has a low foam conversion rate, the foam yield is lowered, and the foam stability is reduced. Therefore, only when the dilution factor is appropriate, a foam with high foam yield and high durability can be obtained.

It should be noted that the quality of the foaming liquids of different manufacturers is also various. When purchasing, you must first buy samples for testing, find suitable dilution factors, foam according to the usual foaming method, and add enough cement. Provide plenty of quality bubbles. This way, the foam concrete you made can be called the quality of the hair.

Understand so much, do you have other situations in the use of cement foaming fluid? Or do you have any different experiences? Welcome message sharing

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